Hip Hop Mile 2010
When is the Hip Hop Mile?
Saturday, June 12, 2010
3 PM- 8 PM

Jerome Remick Music Shell
Belle Isle Park
Detroit, MI- USA

What is the Hip Hop Mile?

The Hip Hop Mile is a Talent Showcase held to feature unsigned, notable independent artists
representing the 5 elements of Hip Hop Culture:  singing, rapping, poetry, dj, graffiti art, and dance,
from around the globe.  

The event is held annually at the historical Belle Isle, which is an island owned by the city of Detroit,
and sits in the center of the Detroit River, between Canada and Detroit.

We have featured artists from Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Nigeria, Oklahoma,
Pennsylvania,  Washington, DC,  and more.
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BOTS Entertainment has adopted
the Belle Isle Band Shell in an
effort to completely restore the
venue.  For more information, click

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